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FPP, LLC Inks ANDA Generic Deal

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Florida Pharmaceutical Products, LLC and Impopharma Canada Limited sign license for niche generic, pending FDA approval.

Florida Pharmaceutical Products, LLC. (FPP) a pharmaceutical company involved in the Development, Sales, Marketing and Distribution of Generic Pharmaceuticals and Ayrton Saunders Ltd. (ASL) a company involved in the Development and Licensing of pharmaceuticals are pleased to announce the signing of an agreement for the licensing of an ANDA developed by ASL’s affiliate company Impopharma Canada Limited, currently filed with the FDA and expected to be approved mid-2020.

The product has sales of approximately $70 million according to IQVIA™ and limited generic competition. The ANDA product will be sold and Distributed by FPP in the FPP Label, once approved. “We are very pleased to have this opportunity and look forward to launching this product next year”, said Larry J. Lapila, President of FPP. The ANDA will be transferred to FPP upon approval and manufactured under a separate agreement by Novocol Pharma, Inc. (NPI) Ontario, Canada.

About Florida Pharmaceutical:

Florida Pharmaceutical Products, LLC. (FPP) is a Boca Raton based pharmaceutical company involved in the development of Generic Pharmaceuticals seeking to gain approval and/or license of niche generic products in a broad range of therapeutic areas for marketing and distribution in the US.

About Ayrton Saunders:

Ayrton Saunders Limited is a U.K. based company engaged in the development, licensing and commercialization of pharmaceutical products involving aerosol and topical delivery for respiratory, cardiovascular, dermatological and other conditions in conjunction with affiliate and partner companies for markets world-wide. Ayrton Saunders Ltd. and Impopharma Canada Limited are wholly owned subsidiaries of OBG Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

About Novocol:

Novocol Pharma, Inc. is a contract development and manufacturing organization specializing in cartridge based injectables, combination products and unit dose nasal sprays. Novocol operates from its 200,000 square foot manufacturing plant located in Cambridge, Canada, serving US, Canadian and international markets.


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