Florida Pharmaceutical Products, Inc.

Research and Development
The identification and development of a product candidate is a complex process requiring precise evaluation, planning, and administration.

Business Development
With products at various stages of development, FPP matches each partner with the optimal business structure for future success. Options include licensing, acquisition, profit-sharing and development partnerships.

Project Management
The route from research and development to commercialized product requires strong leadership to position the project for success.

Sales and Marketing
Experience and Relationships are Paramount
FPP establishes effective sales strategies and covers the market to acquire accounts and maximize purchasing behavior.

Efficiency and Execution
Successful outcomes depend on the proper allocation and supervision of resources to reduce cost and increase productivity.

Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance
Compliance Equals Trust and Confidence
Compiling relevant information, submitting applications, recording data, receiving approvals and maintaining documentation in a timely manner has direct implications for project completion timelines and requires a specialized set of skills to communicate effectively with government and other regulatory authorities.

Specialized in maintaining licensing and registrations to operate within the supply chain and efficiently ship orders to client accounts, speeding product receipt and payment.

Financial Services
To assure current and accurate financial records, “order-to-cash” management includes regular invoicing, accounts receivable and collections, while chargeback processing and customized reporting help assure real-time results are always easily accessible.

Government Pricing
Rules and regulations governing Federal and State pricing for pharmaceutical products require precise monitoring to help maximize value despite changing regulatory requirements.

Contract Manufacturing
Partnerships for Success
Product formulation, development, validation, scale-up to commercial production, quality assurance, laboratory testing, full technology transfer, DSCSA-compliant packaging and labeling are among solutions that create additional efficiencies for companies working with FPP.

DSCSA Compliance
The FDA oversees the Drug Supply Chain Security Act requiring the pharmaceutical industry to invest in equipment and training to improve the safety of medications for patients. Companies that ignore requirements may see their products being delayed to market or prevented from sale.  FPP complies with applicable regulations and laws resulting in high client confidence.