Florida Pharmaceutical Products, Inc.

Florida Pharmaceutical Products, LLC actively seeks to discover opportunities to work with partners to improve patient health. Each opportunity is evaluated to determine the business structure best suited to bring the project to completion.

Our team has decades of experience within each of the following business structures to develop a relationship with partners based on trust, confidence and ethical business principles.

Internal Development
FPP assures a robust pipeline with complete product development, manufacturing, testing, sales, warehousing, and order fulfillment for promising formulations.

Select products evaluated to be successful candidates regularly allow for working with contract manufacturers to manufacture their product according to high standards.

Asset Acquisition
In select instances, FPP purchases products based on the current marketing opportunity and potential future value of existing and proposed projects.

Flexible Models: Profit Share, Royalties, and Licensing
A sharing of profits from commercialized medications are distributed between FPP and the partner company according to prior agreement based on the responsibilities of each party to reach successful objectives.

Development Partners
Progressive companies both domestically and internationally often seek working relationships with FPP as partners to gain market access, share costs, and risk while improving productivity.

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