Florida Pharmaceutical Products, Inc.

Gina Campbell

Sr Vice President, Commercial Operations

Sales and Marketing Strategist with over 23 years of experience in developing companies to reach full market exposure and into trusted partners.   Proven track record in taking new labels to market, as President at Quinn Pharmaceuticals, LLC and prior National Account Manager at Boca Pharmacal.

Well-rounded experience in team leadership, market projections, supply chain, contract negotiation, and global business development.

Successfully Permitted as a Certified Designative Representative as the on-site responsible contact for both Quinn Pharmaceuticals and Florida Pharmaceutical Products, LLC.


Todd Ruonavaara

Vice President, Finance and Administration

A CPA with a combined 36 years of public accounting and various industry experience, including the last 15 years in the generic pharma industry.  Core competencies include: Financial Statement preparation, Budgeting/Forecasting,

Financial Modeling, Cash Flow Analysis and Management, Generic Pharma Gross to Net Accounting, Human Resources, Strategic Planning, Acquisition and Sale Due Diligence, Financial Statement Audits and Regulatory Compliance.  Industry experience prior to joining FPP – SVP Finance and Administration – Breckenridge Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Tracy Weston

Director, Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing professional with over 17 years of industry experience in cultivating strategic business relationships.  Demonstrated ability to drive sales for major market accounts.  Strong relationships with major players within the pharmaceutical supply chain, whose managerial exposure is multi-level.  Previous sales experience at both Quinn Pharmaceuticals, LLC and Boca Pharmacal, Inc.


Brianna Garcia

Director, Accounting and Business Systems

Finance Director with over 18 years of valuable industry experience.

Served as a significant financial integration specialist in major mergers and acquisitions.

Trusted capability in generic accounting paradigm, including monthly/annual financial statements, gross to net calculations, chargebacks, rebates, and gross margin projections. Previous finance experience at both Quinn Pharmaceuticals, LLC and Boca Pharmacal, Inc.

Sandy Jabr

Operations Manager

Quinn team member, joined in the JV / acquisition, with over 7 years of generic pharmaceutical operations experience

Knowledgeable in Licensing and Experienced in Order Entry, EDI, AP, and Government Rebates

Over 20 years experience in General Administration and Business Support

Integral Team Member, managing and coordinating operations


Candy Caine

Supply Chain Manager

Joined the FPP team starting September 2020 with over 35 years generic pharmaceutical industry experience

Hands-on operational expertise in Procurement, Product Launches, 3PL/Vendor Management, Expediting, and Logistics.

Proven success in building and maintaining strong business relationships.  Previously managed supply chain at Breckenridge Pharmaceutical, Inc.